Our Staff


Our staff consists of well qualified teachers and assistants with experience in early childhood care.

At Gig’s Giggles International, we have an experienced Early Years team who have excellent current knowledge and skills to support children’s learning and development. Children benefit from innovative experiences that meet their needs.

We engage parents and others in the children’s learning and the team share inspirational activities and ideas. Children benefit from contributing to the planning and activities, creating a consistent learning approach.

Our team forms very secure attachments with the children, creating a ‘home away from home’ experience and use the information from parents.  We know children’s starting points and rapidly identify when they may need additional support to help them reach the targets set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

We seek continuous improvement and use reflections on practice and feedback from the team, other professionals, parents and children to review our provision. We focus improvements on providing resources and experiences to enhance children’s learning.