Curriculum in Action

We provide the highest possible standards of education to every child. Our Students learn through the comprehensive Early Years Foundation Stage program which is in line with the British National Curriculum. The primary tool of learning being PLAY.

Along with the curriculum, students also have opportunity to develop their skills in art, integrated technology, music, library and physical education.

We are committed to individualized instruction and academic excellence. We stimulate the child’s passion for learning, tapping into their talents and nurturing them. Our main aims include:

Developing the whole child

Emphasis is placed on the whole child. We cover all aspects of development – intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Practical life activities

Practical life activities build on the child’s natural interests and help him develop good work habits, concentration, eye-hand coordination, lengthened attention span and self-control.

Sensorial activities

Through sensorial activities, children’s observation skills and discrimination skills are boosted. This leads to increase in vocabulary and contributes to understanding of formal educational concepts.

Language and literacy

Here at Gig’s Giggles we introduce Language Communication and Literacy through Jolly Phonics Program, which is popular and successful around the world. Jolly Phonics is a fun child centered way to learn literacy through synthetic phonics. With actions for each of the 42 letter sounds, the multi-sensory method is very motivating.

Crèche/Playgroup (6 months to 3 years)
(3 – 4 years)
Our Crèche/Preschool children receive a loving and caring environment. The environment created helps to expand and develop their motor skills and keeps them busy doing art & crafts. The environment helps to develop each child’s enthusiasm for exploration.
Kindergarten (3 years – 4 years)
(4 – 5 years)
Our preschool environment encourages curiosity and exploration in young children. We focus on encouraging early cooperative play, sharing, taking turns, independence (leaving parents comfortably) and respect towards their teachers and friends. Here they learn colors, numbers and sounds. Our teachers will also help reinforce your child’s toilet training as they are ready to take this very big step.
Reception 1 (4 years -5 years)
School (6 years)
Our reception 1 program has a certified teacher who will guide your child to develop different concepts that focus on letters and numbers. They will be introduced to reading too!
Reception 2 (5 years – 6years)
This is an exciting class because your child will be moving to another level by the end of the year. They will continue to focus on letters and reading, numbers and math activities. Our goal is to help your child to be confident and ready for their next level.